We are extremely proud of the positive feedback we have received over the years from our valued customers. Below is a selection of some of the fantastic things that have been said about us:

We had Colin here to help us last Thursday and Friday and he was brilliant- we couldn’t have managed to organise the seminar on Thursday without his help.
Sue - Beale and co

I would just like to say that Darren (Pro-Active) works every minute he is with us. Not only does he perform all the usual handyman jobs within the public areas, the corridors, toilets, kitchens, reception etc to enable Lombard Street to achieve 2 Centre Readiness awards he is also the mainstay for all our office refurbishments when customers leave, expansions within offices, re-designs and internal upgrades whilst customers are insitu. This has included office sizes from 2 desks though to 35 desks during this year often within very short deadlines. Darren never wastes a minute, and if he doesn’t have time to finish a job will make time to come back to complete it.

Lombard St’s customers are always commenting about the high standard we keep all the facilities in and the immediate response we make to any problems that occur of either their making or natural wear and tear of the building. Many have said to me that they have never known another building that attends to detail and standards at such a high level. This would not be possible without the Pro-Active team, in particular Darren.

In addition Darren is polite and courteous at all times and is very willing. The customers and my team respect him and he respects us in return.

Kind regards
Caroline J Connabeer - Business Centre Manager

Trevor is very helpful around the building, he is very polite to all the clients and staff. I feel confident giving Trevor a job and not watching over him as his work is of a very good standard, if I ask Trevor to do something and he thinks he can do something in a better way, differently or if it is not needed he will advise me. This advice is greatly appreciated as he has a lot more experience than me when it comes to his kind of work.

Suzanne Earl - Business Centre Manager

I just wanted to say that the work that Neil and your guys do for me at Stockley is fantastic and without the 2 days a week that I am provided I would really struggle to keep the centre looking as great as it does.
Helen - Business centre manager

We really value the service we receive from Proactive and the diversity of the work Martin carries out. Every week we have a full list of jobs for him to do, anything from painting and decorating to moving floor ports. We would really struggle to maintain the building at this standard if we didn’t have him on a weekly basis.

Thanks and Kind Regards
Tanya -

You are always very efficient at providing quotes for any additional work that we might need doing. Any work carried out is done quickly, professionally and to a high standard.

You are always very quick to provide a replacement if someone is off sick and Trevor often goes out of his way to do things for us and will always go that extra mile to make sure that work is completed.

Sarah Swan - Executive Offices Group